About us

WOW Express is a technology enabled logistics start-up that has been set up to cater to the needs of the exploding e-commerce industry in India and the world. We provide specialized services for our e-commerce clients with the help of technology at every aspect of our association. Our Last Mile Delivery service is quick and hassle-free with real time updates and a smartphone equipped fleet of delivery boys or as we like to call them ‘Service Marshals’. We ensure that our WOW Sprinters pickup and deliver on time according to the customer’s requirement; which is another customized offering by WOW Express. Innovations are a big part of our company and we make sure to promote new and ecological ideas; thus WOW RUSH. It is a sports bicycle based delivery service as part of our Go-Green initiative in Mumbai. Our First Mile service is another highlight which gives our clients the flexibility to choose any last mile delivery operator. With such tech-equipped and innovative services amongst many others, WOW Express looks forward to providing its customers with a quick and hassle-free service.